Mar 4, 2010

Wishing I was a cat

Eric and I really enjoy watching movies of all sorts but with our schedules lately we never go a chance to see Avatar until now. Since I finally had a day off from work and school, we went to finally see Avatar.  We saw it IMAX 3D and enjoyed the movie. It will be a definite DVD purchase.  Currently we own over 400 DVDs.  We really enjoy watching movies rather than prime tv. 

The picture above is what we can home to after the movie and IKEA. Clint Eastwood , the cat, sleeping on the chair by the entrance window. It makes me really want to be a cat and sleep all day, have someone feed me and clean up after me. 

Well, since I am not a cat I am spending the rest of the day to clean up after my 3 "hard" working cats. 
I am also reorganizing my craft area and adding another IKEA table.  Hopefully this will help me be productive with my crafting adventures.  Currently I am trying to create some MTC files from some logos to make some more gifts. I am using Adobe programs and will post about it once I have completed the process.

For now, my helper (Dodger) and I will be cleaning !!!

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