Mar 29, 2010

Wedding Food Tasting

 I made some glass to give as gifts this weekend.  I made 3 with the word beer in different languages. I found the words on this site .  All the recipients loved their glass. I also did some more craft but will post about them later.  Now for the real reason I am posting.... FOOD TASTING!!!

This weekend we had our food tasting with our caterer. Since our wedding is over a year away, we wanted to get our caterer locked in.  It was the best experience ever and the six of us enjoyed it.  There was a lot of eating, drinking, laughing and choosing the menu for the wedding.

So the pictures below show all the food we tried.

Hot appetizers: 

Cold appetizers:


Desserts(some of them):

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  1. This food is TEARING ME APART!!!