Mar 7, 2010

Oscar Night: Bird on the Linen Door


So while the Oscars where starting, I decided to do a mini project.  In between Eric's comments about Zac Efron's height, I found a bird and branch picture.  I used MTC to create the cut file.

Then I put my vinyl and mat into the cricut. And waited for it to finish.....

I then weeded out the vinyl I didn't want to use.  Then Dodger played with the extra vinyl.

The bird and branch looked like this:

The following process is the same process I used to get the name stencil on the wine glasses.  After I weeded the image I cut some clear contact paper to fit the image.

I removed the contact and placed it on the image.  Then I made sure there were no air bubbles by using an old credit card.
Then I removed the backing, making sure that all the pieces where on the clear contact. 
 I placed the image where I wanted it and then used the old credit card to eliminate the air bubbles.
 I took off the clear contact and made sure that the black vinyl stayed on the door. After I removed the clear contact, I made sure there were no bubbles in the vinyl. 

Here is the final project:
This was a super easy project and I was done before the red carpet segment was done. It took me longer to write the post but that might be the couple glasses of wine Happy Emoticons .

I guess I will go and finishing watching the Oscars with Eric to see who wins Best Picture.

Here is the MTC file: Perched Bird 
This file includes two different leaves. Duplicate the one you like and position on branch. Delete leaves you don't like.


  1. Andrea,
    Thank you for posting the information on your stencils. I will try this on some old food jars for practice before I try it on my sisters toasting glasses. Your bird project gave me some great ideas for my home!

  2. It worked just like you said. My sisters toasting glasses came out GREAT!I don't hate vinyl anymore. I am going to try more projects with vinyl. Thank you for the inspiration.