Mar 14, 2010

Gift Boxes for Glasses

On Wednesday, I came home to see my new machine had been delivered.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time until Sunday to play with it.

I needed to some how create some gift boxes for the etch glass gift that I created.   Since I now have a cricut that can cut up to 12x24, I began to play around on MTC.

Here are the two boxes I created:

One is for a glass that I created for Eric's boss:

The other box fits some pub glasses that I bought to etch for some gifts.

The templates are not perfect and I need to play around with MTC some more.  But I am soo excited to have created something on my own without using someone's template.

1 comment:

  1. what a fantastic idea! The boxes make the gift even more special! You are so creative! I just purchased the MTC program last night and I have not been able to play with the program because I do not have the cable for the cricut yet. I will later on this evening. You have inspired me to make my sisters toasting glasses even more special! Thanks