Mar 21, 2010

Cat Theme Birthday Cat!

My FMIL's birthday was this past week and I wanted to use some of the digi stamps that I recently bought.  I bought a cat butt digi on  So while Clint was sunning himself, I made this card using the digi stamp and my cricut machine.

Here is what the inside looks like: with "cats say Happy Birthday" written.

If you noticed, my pictures have rounded corners.  I used an action for Photoshop that I got off of the CoffeeShop website.  I used the Web Rounded Corners action to quickly create the picture for my blog.  It was sooo easy for me to use and I love the photo affect.

Well I am off to try and enjoy some sun and clean the house.

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  1. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fat in that picture.