Feb 23, 2010

4 wine glasses, a cricut and some cats....

I have become a little addicted to glass etching.   My FMIL (future mother in law) loved the glass etching wine and champagne glasses that I had done.  She wanted 4 wine glass with her cats' names on them.  I had to decide on which kind of font to use. I have alot of fonts and couldn't chose, so I had Eric make the final choice of font.

I etched the four cat names on 4 different wine glasses and set them aside until she came to visit. 

Feb 18, 2010

Birds, Vinyl and a Detolf....

So I have been reading up on how to create vinyl things with my cricut but never had the courage to buy some to try. Well I finally got some vinyl in the mail but still had some reservations about using vinyl and it not cutting.  I had an early day today so I decided to try my hand at cutting some vinyl birds for a Detolf cabinet that I bought a while ago at IKEA.    I love love love IKEA and the Detolf glass cabinet are great for showcasing items.  I use it to store my beverage glasses and Eric uses it to display some of his toys I mean collectible 12 inch figures.

Anyway, back to creating little birds.  I used MTC software (make-the-cut) to create the layout of my cuts.

After waiting about 5 minutes for my cricut, I got these little birds in 4 different colors.

Feb 13, 2010

Coloring Terra Cotta Pot

I was at Michael's and noticed the patio paint... and got an idea to paint some pots I had at home.  I figured I could create some cricut stencils and paint an orchid pot I had. So I bought orange and fuchsia paint to complement the flower of the orchid.


Feb 9, 2010

Cricut and Glass Etching

Lately,  I have been trying to see what sort of cool things I could do on my own rather than pay alot for it.  So my my birthday last year I asked for a Cricut machine, (click here) from Eric. I haven't been able to play with it to much but have had time to research cool projects to do.  

The first thing I am attempting is Glass-Etching.  When I first read about it I thought that I wouldn't be able to do it because it was difficult and time consuming. Boy was I wrong.  I researched on many different blogs about making your own stencils and using etching cream to create glass etching. 

So on Saturday after a long day at a swim meet, I decided to try my hand at some glass etching.  OMG..... It was so easy and I love the way the items came out.  Of course on the first try I had some not so clean outer edges but with practice I will get better. Below are pictures of some of the items that I used a Cricut stencil on to create the glass etching.

Beginning of my blog

I have decided that today I would write the 1st post on my blog. I guess I should start with an introduction to me (Andrea).  I live in Ypsilanti,  MI (which is near Ann Arbor) with my significant other , Eric, and our 3 cats.  I am a New York City native that came to Ypsi for a college education.  I am completing school while working and learning new crafts.  I hope to use these new skills for my wedding and career.  I am creating this blog to help other beginner Cricut users with the many things that can be done with the great machine.  I am also doing this to help my family and friends see my productivity in learning new crafts and creating wedding items.

Right now, I am sitting at working watching the snow fall wishing I was at home.  We are *apparently* going to get 8 to 10 inches of snow.   Well, I hope you enjoy reading my escapades in learning new crafts with my Cricut machine. 

Please leave feel free to leave comments or email me about anything I post.