Feb 23, 2010

4 wine glasses, a cricut and some cats....

I have become a little addicted to glass etching.   My FMIL (future mother in law) loved the glass etching wine and champagne glasses that I had done.  She wanted 4 wine glass with her cats' names on them.  I had to decide on which kind of font to use. I have alot of fonts and couldn't chose, so I had Eric make the final choice of font.

I etched the four cat names on 4 different wine glasses and set them aside until she came to visit. 

After seeing a picture I set to her, she told me she would also like a figure of a cat on the other side.  Easy for me to do.  So, the final project has a cat name on one side and a cat on the other.  They came out a lot better than the other glasses. I think that is because I used a foam brush instead of the bristle one.  

My FMIL came to visit this weekend and loved the glasses so much she had to try one out right away! 

For the next couple weeks, I am going to be super busy with swim meets but will try and take time to craft. 
Some ideas for crafts I would like to complete:
  1. Another draft of the save-the-date cards
  2. Design a wedding invitation using photoshop and illustrator
  3. Start making some curtains with the fabric I bought
  4. Gifts: Finish creating some MTC (make-the-cut) files to use for etching glasses.

1 comment:

  1. glass etching is pretty cool. love the glasses you made! did it take you a long time to 'get the hang of it'? I'd like to try it someday :)