Apr 28, 2010

First Computer Decal

My sister was in town this past weekend. So I made her a vinyl decal for her computer.  Since she is a Wisconsin Badger Alumni, I made Bucky the badger for her computer. This was the first project I made using two colors of vinyl.

This is the vinyl after I put the two colors together on the clear contact.

This is the decal on the 17inch sized computer.  
My sis loved it and was soooo excited to have her Wisconsin love be shown on her computer!

While she was in town, Eric wanted to smoke some meat. He got a smoker last summer and has loved using it.  Since I love not having to cook, I was game when he wanted to make something.  His idea was to smoke some beef brisket. We went to Sam's Club and bought an 8 pound (huge) cut of brisket.  Here is the brisket once it had been marinaded over night and with the rub.

Apr 22, 2010

I love Spring!!!

These are some flowers that Eric got from one of his 7-year old swimmers.  She had grown and picked them herself!  I love spring and all the flowers. 

Clint wanted to show off his new stepping stool so he let me take a picture.

Apr 21, 2010

Orchid: MTC File

While sitting around last night, I found this orchid free coloring page online.
I have been looking for coloring pages to turn into an MTC file. It wasn't to difficult to create and layer.  I haven't had a chance to cut it yet but will post some pictures when I do.

If you would like the file click below to download and leave me a little note :-).

MTC File

SVG File

Apr 20, 2010

Been Really Busy

I am finally done with my last final exam. YEA!!!! I am taking some classes during the summer but hopefully I will still have time to do some crafting.  There are some projects I have recently completed and will be posting them in the next couple of days. I will try and include the files of them if I can.

Apr 13, 2010

New skill used for school

As of yesterday, I am another year older and wiser.... maybe not wiser. The last couple of weeks have been filled with me trying to complete my schoolwork.  Finals are next week so I have a lot of projects due and not a lot of time to craft.  One new skill I was able to use for school was using Photoshop to create a picture.  I created a website header for my online portfolio.  It is simple and not very fancy. I liked the way it came out. 

I have a couple of craft projects that I would love to finish in the next couple of weeks. 
  • Wedding related: cards
  • 2 wine glasses to etch (still need to figure out what to put on them)
  • Swimmer Vinyl decal for the car
  • Some vinyl cats to accompany the bird on the linen door
Lots to do and not to much time to do it.
I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the warm weather!!

Apr 7, 2010

Superman Glass

Here is the glass I created for my future brother-in-law.  It was so easy to do using MTC and some vinyl.

Apr 4, 2010

Some Thank you gifts

As a thank you to those that came to our tasting, I made a thank you card and gave them an etched glass.
I used a digi stamp from squigglefly.com
For the envelope,  I had some clear cat stamps I used.

Here is the glass I made for my sister. She is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin.  She loved the glass and I hope she used it to have some fun!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend.  We had some great weather and were able to smoke some fish.  The fish was easy to make but we made a mistake with the amount of seasoning so it came out really peppery but was good!

Apr 2, 2010

1st Attempt at creating a file: Swimmer

I have been trying to find a swimmer to create a vinyl decal but couldn't find any I liked. So one day during class, I sketched a swimmer and then scanned it into photoshop.  I cleaned up the picture so it was simple.  I then imported it into MTC.

I still have to cut it but wanted to post the file. 

Here is the MTC file

Here is the SVG file

Let me know your thoughts. I would like to try and create some more free files.