Apr 28, 2010

First Computer Decal

My sister was in town this past weekend. So I made her a vinyl decal for her computer.  Since she is a Wisconsin Badger Alumni, I made Bucky the badger for her computer. This was the first project I made using two colors of vinyl.

This is the vinyl after I put the two colors together on the clear contact.

This is the decal on the 17inch sized computer.  
My sis loved it and was soooo excited to have her Wisconsin love be shown on her computer!

While she was in town, Eric wanted to smoke some meat. He got a smoker last summer and has loved using it.  Since I love not having to cook, I was game when he wanted to make something.  His idea was to smoke some beef brisket. We went to Sam's Club and bought an 8 pound (huge) cut of brisket.  Here is the brisket once it had been marinaded over night and with the rub.

We also grilled up some pineapple since my sister requested it and we love grilled pineapple...yum!

I made some awesome Sangria the night before and let it sit in the fridge over night.  It had some strawberries, apples, lemons, and oranges in it.  I made two pitchers of it!  My sis and I finished one and a half of the pitchers.


We made our own sauce for the brisket during the last 1 hours.  We started smoking the brisket at 9am and by 6pm it still had a couple of degrees to go.  Eric checked the smoker and the temperature every hour or so.

It was a cold day so we moved the brisket to the oven and were able to eat by 7:30pm. Here are some pictures of the finished brisket:

It was very yummy!!!! I love it when Eric smokes brisket.... especially when I don't have to do anything!!! :-)

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  1. OMG! I had a little spare time today an went blog hopping. I love your Badger files! My son is starting school in Madison. I would be so thrilled if you would share this file. My email is kay22rn@yahoo.com Thanks so much!