Apr 13, 2010

New skill used for school

As of yesterday, I am another year older and wiser.... maybe not wiser. The last couple of weeks have been filled with me trying to complete my schoolwork.  Finals are next week so I have a lot of projects due and not a lot of time to craft.  One new skill I was able to use for school was using Photoshop to create a picture.  I created a website header for my online portfolio.  It is simple and not very fancy. I liked the way it came out. 

I have a couple of craft projects that I would love to finish in the next couple of weeks. 
  • Wedding related: cards
  • 2 wine glasses to etch (still need to figure out what to put on them)
  • Swimmer Vinyl decal for the car
  • Some vinyl cats to accompany the bird on the linen door
Lots to do and not to much time to do it.
I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the warm weather!!

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