Feb 9, 2010

Beginning of my blog

I have decided that today I would write the 1st post on my blog. I guess I should start with an introduction to me (Andrea).  I live in Ypsilanti,  MI (which is near Ann Arbor) with my significant other , Eric, and our 3 cats.  I am a New York City native that came to Ypsi for a college education.  I am completing school while working and learning new crafts.  I hope to use these new skills for my wedding and career.  I am creating this blog to help other beginner Cricut users with the many things that can be done with the great machine.  I am also doing this to help my family and friends see my productivity in learning new crafts and creating wedding items.

Right now, I am sitting at working watching the snow fall wishing I was at home.  We are *apparently* going to get 8 to 10 inches of snow.   Well, I hope you enjoy reading my escapades in learning new crafts with my Cricut machine. 

Please leave feel free to leave comments or email me about anything I post.

1 comment:

  1. The etching looks really beautiful. there are probably many different possiblilities for it.
    We are getting snow here too, it is depressing, winter seems to long. We haven't been up your way since New Year. Miss you both a lot.