Feb 18, 2010

Birds, Vinyl and a Detolf....

So I have been reading up on how to create vinyl things with my cricut but never had the courage to buy some to try. Well I finally got some vinyl in the mail but still had some reservations about using vinyl and it not cutting.  I had an early day today so I decided to try my hand at cutting some vinyl birds for a Detolf cabinet that I bought a while ago at IKEA.    I love love love IKEA and the Detolf glass cabinet are great for showcasing items.  I use it to store my beverage glasses and Eric uses it to display some of his toys I mean collectible 12 inch figures.

Anyway, back to creating little birds.  I used MTC software (make-the-cut) to create the layout of my cuts.

After waiting about 5 minutes for my cricut, I got these little birds in 4 different colors.

I then used clear contact to attach the birds to my Detolf.  My finished product: ( you can't see some of the birds due to lighting)

This project took me all of 20 minutes.  I am excited at how easy and quick it was.  now I am thinking about my next vinyl project.   maybe some vinyl sayings for the wall ???

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