Jun 19, 2010

A couple cat pictures

With one week left of class, I am sooo excited to start some wedding crafting!  I was able to complete some wedding projects but have to wait until everyone gets the cards to post about it.  So for now here are some wonderful pictures Eric and I took of our cats.  Above is Clint with stuffed animals on him, he stayed like this for an hour. 
Here is Dodger holding the felt from flying away from my sewing desk.

Henry mad that mommy woke him up to take a picture.

Henry and Clint are looking at the cars go by.

Hopefully I will have some crafts to post next week! 

1 comment:

  1. love all your sweet kittie pictures! beautiful babies!!!! I have 2 fellas right now. lost 3 of my oldest babies last summer, my precious Chester was 22 years old. I still miss all of them.