Jul 7, 2010

Some Gardening and some Cards

It has been a very hot week.  It is suppose to be about 95 today again. I planted a garden at the beginning of June and with all of the rain and hot weather we have gotten in the last month it has grown a lot.  Here are some pictures of the plants in my raised bed in June:

Here is a picture of the tomatoes in the bed:
Here are the herbs I planted:
I also planted some early bloom tomatoes on the side of the house. Here is what they looked like in June:
So in June all my plants were young and had  few small tomatoes.  Now in July that is a different story, here are some pictures of the plants today.

An overall view of the raised bed: 

As you can see, the tomato plants have grown a lot.

Here is a close-up of some of the tomatoes I have growing:

I am sooo excited to have some home-grown tomatoes soon.

My herbs have also grown a lot:

The tomatoes on the side of the house are also growing and should be ripe soon.
We also have some cherry tomatoes growing on our porch in hanging baskets.  The cherry tomatoes are starting to grow and ripen.  I love fresh tomatoes and wish I had more time to have a larger garden. 

Enough about my garden now onto some cards I did for father's day.
My father is huge METS fan so for father's day, I sent him this card which he loved.

For my FFIL, since he loves trains I made him this card.

I used some free coloring pages to create these two cards.  I am not sure if anyone wants the files but here they are as MTC files.  If you want it in SVG just let me know and I will post it.

METS card: MTC File

Train card: MTC File

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